Rietveld Uncut

This project is the promotion for the yearly student exhibition Rietveld Uncut which I made in collaboration with Timur Akhmetov. The theme of the year 2012 was ‘the making of’. We made a never ending sentence about the process of making art which we divided on the flyers so one flyer after another can be read in a random order. In the videos we asked the participants to fill the screen with an object. They didn’t know, obviously, they were forming a background for the text.

The sentence on the flyers: …while feeling the urge of revealing an extraordinary situation in which concentration and misbehavior are forming a rare unity while the notion of place and space gets out of focus caused by a mental state of serendipity and forced coincidence, attempting to negotiate our purest thoughts on unfinished, unsincere and truly undiscovered end results balancing between a higher level of consciousness and being detached from reality while introducing you to a study of an unpatient ideaology influenced by the presence of freedom and romance which demands the performance of a certain language of improvised politics forcing an awareness of intuition and pecularity while witnessing the very fragile yet raw arising of an infinite collaboration…

We painted a sign too: